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      1. Software Piracy Prevention

        Rockwell Automation is committed to the prevention of software piracy and is a global member of BSA | The Software Alliance.

        What Is Software Piracy?

        Software piracy is the unauthorized copying or distribution of copyrighted software. Software piracy includes:

        • Downloading, sharing, selling or installing unauthorized copies of licensed software
        • Sharing license codes and activation keys
        • Uploading codes to websites/chat rooms so others can download and use the software
        • Passing along user IDs and passwords for web-based software applications
        • Installing software more times than the license permits and exceeding the number of users that have been authorized

        Why Someone Should Use Properly Licensed Software

        • Rockwell Automation may not support pirated software
        • Users may not get updates for pirated software
        • Pirated software may contain malware
        • Pirated software is not licensed for use with Rockwell Automation products

        How Can You Help?

        If you know or suspect any case of software piracy, you can report it using the form below. Help create a positive impact on the fight against piracy.

        Report a Case of Software Piracy

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