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      1. Industrial Safety Solutions

        Safety and Productivity Solutions

        The safety and productivity of people, machines, and processes is a key element of any sustainable business. Studies show that best-in-class performers achieve higher overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). In addition, there is less unscheduled downtime, and less than half the injury rate of average performers. Designated as the largest safety automation provider in the world, we will help you develop safer, more productive solutions.

        Optimize Safety, Productivity, and Design Time

        Services, Tools, and Technology for Best-in-class Performance

        Numerous studies show that best-in-class performers achieve 5 to 7% higher OEE, 2 to 4% less unscheduled downtime, and less than half the injury rate of average performers. These results are achieved by improving safety maturity that is a result of three key components:

        • Company culture (behavior)
        • Compliance (processes and procedures)
        • Technology (devices that help protect workers and optimize productivity)

        Discover where your organization ranks on the Safety Maturity Index?. Develop a proven five-step plan to reduce risk, improve productivity, and improve compliance with international safety standards. All while system development time and costs are reduced.

        Safety Maturity

        Improve Safety and Productivity Performance

        Safety Maturity is a combination of three key elements: Culture (behavior), Compliance (procedure), and Capital (technology deployment).

        Working with partners in cultural development, we have developed measurement tools and a proven five-step process to improve safety maturity. The process requires collaboration between environmental health and safety (EHS), operations, and engineering to achieve best-in-class performance.

        Safety System Development Tools

        Complex machinery, safety standards, and contemporary equipment require a deep understanding of each to implement safety solutions that helps protect workers, improve productivity, and achieve compliance. Use these tools to:

        • Simplify machine safety system design and validation
        • Achieve best-in-class results from your safety strategy
        • Learn about machine safety, legislation, theory, and practice from safety experts
        • Prove the value of safety in your operations

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        How May We Help You?

        As the world leader in industrial automation and safety technologies, we are ready to support you as you develop more efficient, safer, and productive manufacturing solutions.